Sunday, June 26, 2016

By: Dustin L. Dyer

What can we possibly know of this world? We know what we see, what we hear, what we smell,  what we feel, what we touch, and what we experience. We know the Earth, the Sun, the Sky, the rain, the wind, and the trees. We know the animals, the oceans, the mountains, and we know the deserts. We know Love, we know hate, we know happiness, we know sadness, we know fear, we know life, and we know death is coming.. We know each other.. What do we know past that? We know what our minds have created. We know what our hands have built.. We know that we need all these things to survive.. We know without these things we would not be here.. But do we know the truth about how it all came to be?? Do we know why? Do we know what becomes of us after we die? Only the dead can answer this but we have no way of asking them....
What do we truly know? What answers have we created  to provide ourselves with comfort? What have we convinced ourselves about this unknown truth? Why do we have words like faith, believe, and trust?? Why is truth the one thing we can't measure?  Why is truth the one thing we all seek?  Is there a picture of God hidden within the things I've just written? Or is God a direct reflection of what I've just written? Was God created by us and trapped inside our own minds? Or is the mind of God responsible for the creation of our minds? Are we His image or is He ours? Are we His creation or is He ours?? As I sit and stare at the Sky while it rains and I see the Sun shining through the raindrops I can't help to think there is something more. I see the grass glistening and watch the rain pound the street. As the rain slows and finally stops, I hear the birds start to sing again. I understand we are the creation and there has to be a creator. I see the creator in everything my eyes take in and I realize even if we don't know the real truth, I'm confident the creator does... That's what  brings us comfort, that's what makes death easier to accept. That's what makes the unseen become visible...That's how we measure truth.  (Dustin)

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